The Independent Living 2006 Fund (ILF) is a discretionary trust set up and financed by the Government. The fund aims to support disabled people in having more choice and control over their lives by helping them to live at home rather than in residential accommodation.

In June 2010, ILF announced that in order to safeguard existing ILF users awards, it would not be accepting any new applications for funding.

Subsequently, it was announced that the future of ILF (in line with many other Quangos) was to be reviewed by the Government.

On 13 December 2010, Maria Miller, the Minister for Disabled People, said in a written statement that the government will "fully protect the (ILF) programme budget for existing recipients of the ILF within the Department of Work and Pensions" and "support the ILF to continue to administer existing awards" throughout the current UK Parliament.

Steven Jack, Chair of the ILF Trustees, said at the same time that: "The ILF Board of Trustees has worked closely with the Government over the last few months to help it consider options for the future of the ILF. We are pleased that the government shares of first priority in committing to safeguarding the position of existing recipients of the fund"

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