A Guide to using the PA Pool website                               


 The PA Pool website is potentially a quick and easy way of finding a Personal Assistant (PA), providing members with a list of PA’s, whose information can be accessed at the click of a button on the Internet. Registering personal and job details, takes only 5-10mins. It’s cheaper than advertising in local newspapers and quicker than replying to adverts and spending time dealing with unsuitable applicants.

Subscription to PA Pool costs as little as £5 but for additional amounts you can subscribe for longer periods. This cost is only to enable you to contact a suitable PA(s). Registration and browsing for a PA is FREE! Therefore you only need to pay for the time to contact the individual(s) you see as a potential worker. All members receive a new message email alerting them if another member has sent them a message. If they are a subscribing member (this applies to PA Users only) then they will be able to open and read the message and reply. If they do not currently have an active subscription then they will need to subscribe to read and reply to the message. A profile can be removed at any time by sending an e-mail to PA Pool requesting removal. All their details are then deleted from the website.

Staying Safe - please contact the Independent Living Adviser in your local area office of Centre for Independent Living NI for help and advice on safely using PA Pool or ANY online employee introduction agency.

It is never easy putting trust in someone you hardly know, and unfortunately sometimes problems can occur. However, by using some common sense safeguards you can minimize the chances of this happening. Although PA Pool users can recommend good members they have employed in the past, you as an employer are themselves responsible for collecting references; CILNI can help with this process. You must also carry out Access NI (Police) checks on ALL employees prior to employment; this can be done through your Social Worker, Care Manager or Community Psychiatric Nurse.

If you ever experience a problem with a member please inform PA Pool by clicking the "REPORT" button on the profile of the member and give as much detail as possible. Complaints are kept on record and each one is investigated by PA Pool.

 - Do not give out specific contact details, keep all personal information limited and general until you offer someone the position i.e. no specific home address, only give the first part of post code (Example-Lisburn Road area / BT9). Your e-mail address will not be visible to anyone unless both you and a PA are registered and subscribed, having paid the appropriate subscription fees. Private contact details are only revealed when the user chooses. Initial contact between members is made through the website email system so members are able to communicate and establish a relationship until such time as they wish to exchange personal info.

Interviews should never be conducted in your home.   When you are ready to meet your selected PA, you are welcome to use a CILNI office for interviews or alternatively you should meet in a public area.

For further information or if there's something you'd like to ask contact your local Independent Living Adviser or e-mail info@cilni.org. Alternatively If you decide that you are ready to contact the people directly PA pool PA will directly PA: directly    pa  if you want to contact   PA Pool directly, please email  katy@papool.co.uk or visit their website at www.papool.co.Uk