A Direct Payment is an amount of money that you may be able to get instead of traditional services from your local Health & Social Care Trust. It will enable you to arrange your support in a way that suits you best.

You can get Direct Payments if

  • You are over 16 or
  • You are a parent/guardian of a child under 16 who may be eligible
  • You are assessed by a Social Worker or Care Manager as needing personal social services
  • You are willing and able to manage Direct Payments (with as much help as necessary)
  • You need help with daily living tasks

You can use Direct Payments to arrange your own support at home, as well as daytime activities and respite.

You can choose to have a combination of Direct Payments and services from the Trust.

Direct Payments are available to disabled people with any impairment, including learning disability, mental health service users etc.

Direct Payments are available to

  • Disabled people
  • Older people who require support
  • People with enduring mental health issues
  • Disabled parents
  • Parents of disabled children
  • Carers for services to meet their own needs

How can Direct Payments benefit me?

  • You will have greater choice and control in your everyday life and household
  • You control the money for your personal assistance
  • You choose who works for you, when they work and what they do

What are my responsibilities?

  • You will need to keep records so that you can account for the money
  • You will need to know what are your duties as an employer
  • You can get as much help as you need to handle the money and manage your workers
  • You will need to consider back-up arrangements, although additional support may be available in some circumstances

How do I find out more?

If you think you would benefit from having more control over the assistance you get, then Direct Payments may be worth considering.

To find out more about Direct Payments and how to get started:

If you are not already getting a service from the Trust you will need to ask for an assessment of your needs.

If it would be helpful, we can put you in contact with someone who is already using Direct Payments.

How can Centre for Independent Living NI help?

  • Help with preparing for your care assessment
  • Information on Direct Payments and help with setting up your support arrangements
  • Advice and training on recruitment of staff and finance
  • Payroll Service - assistance with producing payslips, Tax, NIC and other returns for the HMRC
  • Ongoing support

For further information please contact us.