It is advisable to find out as much relevant information about the applicant as possible. This is to help the choice of the best person for the job. An application form is often a good method of gaining such information.

Below are some examples of the type of information that may be asked for from the applicant, on the form (an editable version is available by clicking here):

  • Name

  • Address

  • Telephone

  • Employment history to present day

  • Names and addresses of TWO referees (one should be the most recent employer)

  • Qualifications (if applicable)

  • Clean driving licence (if applicable)

  • Type of care (if applicable)

  • When the applicant will be available for work

  • How many hours per week the applicant is willing to work

  • What the applicant's attitude to working flexible hours is

  • Whether or not the applicant has adequate personal mobility to fulfil the requirements of the post

  • Does the applicant have any convictions for criminal offences

  • Does the applicant have any health issues that might impede the fulfilment of his/her duties

  • A declaration from the applicant as to why he or she applied for the post and the reasons that he or she believes they should get the job